How I found myself.

portrait of a man in halfmoon knife

Since childhood, I’ve had creativity, imagination, aesthetics and a desire to create in my blood. I’ve tried to use them in many different fields. From drawing and painting, through web design and photography, to pottery and printmaking. However, I did not feel complete fulfillment from them. There was still something missing.

Fortunately, my self-seeking ended in the 42nd year of my life!
I had my “Eureka” moment, when I discovered leathercraft.
I finally found my passion and purpose.

At leathercraft, I can use all of my strengths. I realized I can create a practical, durable and good-looking product for everyday use, just with several simple hand tools. And my desk can be my workshop.

After my enlightenment, I started to look for materials, tools and a tutor. However, to find someone nearby to teach me the skills was impossible, so I turned to books and online tutorials. With my confidence growing, I managed to put together the first simple handbag for my daughter and the first bifold wallet for myself. This wallet caught my friend’s eye when I pulled it out to pay in his shop. He became my first customer.

The last confirmation that I’m on the right path came surprisingly at a family celebration. I discovered there, that my great grandfather Jozef had been a shoemaker! So, it’s in my genes after all and I’m just reviving an old family craft.

This is my story.

I’m Braňo Klocáň a leather craftsman from Žilina, Slovakia. 

My motivation.

I turn my desire to create and my passion for leathercraft into  practical and durable products that also look good.

My mission.

I use time-tested craftsman methods and exclusively hand stitchingcombined with
the best materials to ensure the high quality and longevity of my products.

My products.

I make rugged still stylish leather bags, wallets and belts that you will cherish for a long time.
Products that will gain a unique character and patina with every use.

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My name as a brand means that:

- I am commited to work to the best of my abilities. 
- I want to build and maintain credibitily and good reputation among my customers.
- I am fully accountable for my products and services.
- and also 👍

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