right to-repair

Right to repair.

As you know, I strive to make products that last.
I design my products to be easily repairable after many years of common wear and tear.
Accident happen in life and things get broken too.
Whatever damage happens to your product, doesn’t mean that you must throw it away.

Therefore, I offer you a possibility of their repair.

Repair needed due to my fault in production is free of charge, no matter when the fault occurs. Such repair of fault might be a valuable feedback for me to improve my design and work in the future.

Repairs needed after any accident, damage caused by inappropriate use or care and general wear and tear through use and time, will be assessed individually. I try my best to make repair possible and affordable.

If you require repairing, I will ask you to send me an email with a detailed photos of the damage. I will reply with my assessment and my solution of the problem. If you agree with my solution, I will ask you to send me the product by post, or you can hand it over in person.

Please, do not send your product before sending your email first!