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Your bag deserves a second chance.

We all know that nothing lasts forever.
Even the top quality material wears out with use and time.
Even the thing that has served us loyally for years, might fall out of favour one day and may be forgotten lying somewhere in the corner. I hope the second scenario won’t happen to any of my bags made for you.

Whatever might happen, I want you to know that your bag still deserves a second chance. That chance will be its recycling.

I will either recondition it by changing worn out parts for new ones and then offer it for purchase in a planned collection called Fénix, or, if reconditioning won’t be possible, I will use those parts with beautiful patina to make other products for Fénix collection.
This way your old bag may start its new life.

If you decide to go this way, contact me by email first. Then, I will ask you to send your bag back to me and in return, I refund 20% of its selling price. This amount will be paid in a form of a voucher that you can use to buy any product from my portfolio.